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Never would I have imagined that ‘Aftermath’ would be picked up on by so many people. I’ve been working on this collection of poetry for nearly two years and to have it seen published in Europe and the United States of America has been a miracle. Aftermath can also be read inside the British Library, where it will be preserved for future generations. This makes it a part of the nation’s heritage. A long-cherished dream became reality last year. I wholeheartedly would like to thank everyone who purchased a book. Your support has not been unnoticed and I could not have done this without you. Much love, Tom

AFTERMATH is the debut poetry collection by Tom Melsen. To be published October 2021. Aftermath is divided in four sections. Each section focuses on a specific topic. Section I comprehends poems about love and intimacy. Section II comprehends poems about heartbreak and unfulfilling desires. Section III focuses on poems about violence, death and grief. Section IV comprehends poems about kindness, hope and nature.

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Aftermath will be available from BNB Publishing (BENELUX), B&N Press (USA), Kindle Press (EU, USA) All published in co-operation with MelsenWorks (Europe)

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Aftermath is available as paperback and e-book on all Amazon stores worldwide.

Spoken Label

Melsen has been interviewed by Andy from the Spoken Label podcast (United Kingdom) about his new poetry book, paintings, and his musical project about the dada art movement which he started in 2019. You can listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, and many more platforms.