Last year, September 2021, I published my first collection of poems titled “Aftermath”. I received a lot of sweet reactions and the support was heartwarming. The book is available worldwide and has been given a place in The British Library, where it will be preserved for future generations. The British Library has sent me a letter informing me that Aftermath is now officially part of the nation’s heritage.

After publishing Aftermath, I immediately continued writing new English poems. I had decided to write for at least one hour every day, and if possible, more hours. In addition, I thought it was important to keep reading and I followed various learning programs about poetry. Over the past few weeks, a new collection has been unfolding itself more and more. This publication is therefore planned for sometime in 2023. It may sound pretentious, but this is going to be my best work yet.

However, I will be releasing something new next month. It feels exciting and interesting to me because it’s something I’ve never done before: writing poetry in Dutch. A selection of twenty poems from Aftermath have been translated. In addition to the selection of poems, the book contains short excerpts from my diaries. They are short reflections on, among other things, reading and writing poetry, the sea, the importance of daydreaming and loving the dawn.

In the coming time I will post some poems, writings and videos on my website on the occasion of ‘Ochtendgloren (‘Morning Glory’) ‘Ochtendgloren’ is already available at the beginning of September via my website: TomMelsen.com Of course you can also send me a personal message.

With much love, Tom Melsen

Read the original letter below (in Dutch)

2 thoughts on “Ochtendgloren

  1. Lieve Tom,

    Super goed bezig, zo mega blij voor je ❤️🌷

    Ik kijk ontzettend uit naar je uitgave in september en natuurlijk ook al naar die van 2023 en Ochtendgloren ☀️ Ik sta ik de rij 😉

    Binnenkort even sushi’en?

    Liefs uit Slovenië,
    Ona, Rob en Daša

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