New album “Phases” out Feb 10

Phases: hypnotic songs for the night.

AMSTERDAM – Poet, painter, and composer Tom Melsen is set to release his upcoming record “Phases” on February 10th. Following on from the release of his experimental album ‘Dada Files’ back in 2019, Melsen’s new album is a dark journey through the night. “Phases” is an album full of gentle synths, hypnotic loops, and beautiful piano playing.
The album features eight instrumental recordings, served best by headphones and solitude.

Phases will be available worldwide through digital download services.

  1. River Lapsing 2:23
  2. Apartment 21 3:24
  3. At The Beach 2:42
  4. Night Drive (Waning Crescent) 3:01
  5. Lock Of The Hour 2:12
  6. How Far Is It? (Waning Gibbous) 3:03
  7. High Buried Bells 2:49
  8. Daybreak 2:12

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