“The only true gift is a piece of ourselves. The meaning of life lies in giving away”

Tom Melsen in his office (2021)

Tom Melsen is a dutch artist, born in Rotterdam. Melsen is best known for his artwork, for which he has been nominated for numerous awards and winning the abstract art contest in 2016 by International Gallery Of The Arts in Canada. His paintings have been published in magazines worldwide and Melsen published a collection of art books. His work has been widely exhibited in group and solo exhibitions around the world.

After releasing several albums with various bands and film/art-project soundtracks, Melsen released three experimental, electronic solo albums. His latest album titled “Dadaism” (2019) was recorded in Berlin and features soundscapes of the German capital; a city forever in construction. ‘Dadaism’ is an all instrumental album and tells the story of the dada art movement in sound.

Melsen self-published a book of little rhymes in 2020. The book, titled Quack, is full of rebellious and humorous short rhymes. In Quack, Melsen revisits experiences from his early years up until his thirties.

Aftermath is Melsen’s first worldwide published poetry book.

You can follow Melsen on his official instagram page: @MelsenPoetry.

My poetry collection Aftermath is now available worldwide, through BNB Publishing (BENELUX), B&N Press (USA), Kindle Press (Worldwide)