Books (Quack)

So far Melsen published one book of poetry. The book titled ‘Quack’ is a collection of 50 poems. In this collection Melsen revisits experiences from his early years up until now. Quack is written between 2012 and 2020. The poems of Melsen are honest, humorous and sometimes have a rebellious twist. Quack was completed June 2020.

Quack (second edition)

“Quack feels like a memoir. Quack is a collection of memories. I hope this collection will fill the reader with some sense of joy” (T. Melsen, 2020)

Quack is Melsen’s first collection of poetry. Most of these poems were written during his many travels to Berlin. For the past eight years Melsen has been spending a lot of time in the German capital. Especially in Friedenau. Friedenau, with its beautiful country villas and old buildings. The attractive Art Nouveau facades and gardens, successful authors, well-known painters and sculptors as well as politicians of all stripes. They have lived there for the past hundred years.

Below you can read some of Melsen’s poetry. Some pictures were directly taken from his notebooks.