Born on 31 December in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Melsen grew up in a small town near the city. 


“Ever since I was a little child I’ve been drawing. I don’t know when exactly but I remember, as a child, going to drawing classes and getting into drawing competitions and all that sort of things. I remember winning this children drawing competition: “I won free tickets for the whole family to see a Thunderbirds exhibition”. (interview SID magazine)  

“Ever since I was a child, I have gone to museums and read books about art. My father studied art history, so we often went to a museum, and he introduced me to many great painters. I remember going to a museum with my father when there was a special Picasso exhibition going on. It was an exhibition with works from his blue period. After seeing that exhibition, I knew I wanted to become an artist. I started reading more and more about Picasso; it was all really inspiring. I became interested in his life and work. At the same time, I started working with acrylic and oil paint, trying out different things”. (interview Critique Collective) 


Melsen signed up for art school but canceled his registration. He started working as a Montessori teacher in Rotterdam. “I never attended art school. I have no specific way of working. I really just paint what I feel. Composition and painterly beauty is, of course, very important, but I would say emotion in art is what makes a painting unique” (interview Critique Collective)

Melsen plays in a band called “The Good Die Young” with whom he records various lps. He also works on soundtracks for independent movies. 


promofoto2019-02“Besides Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon became a huge inspiration for my own work. I think what drew me to the works of Bacon is that it is very dramatic. The images he portrays, the colors that he uses, and the stories behind his works are very interesting. I love how Bacon portrays intense loneliness, despair, and inner turmoil.” (interview Critique Collective) 

Melsen opens his first solo exhibition at the P60, Amstelveen. Followed by several group- and solo exhibitions in Berlin, Dublin and Rotterdam. Melsen spends most of his time in Berlin and he creates his first video work which screened at the main stage of the famous Haus der Berlin Festspiele in Berlin. 

For a Brazilian documentary Melsen was followed and interviewed by filmmaker Leticia Simoes in Berlin and Rotterdam.  In 2016 Melsen became the first prize winner of the Abstract Art contest held by International Gallery of the Arts (Canada). 

Melsen moves to Harlem. He starts working on more colorful paintings. In 2019 Melsen exhibits a collection of his paintings in Gallery Louarn in France.

Melsen releases three musical projects inspired by the Dada art movement “Dada” (2015), “Romanticism”(2017) and “Dada Files” (2019).