Melsen’s collection of paintings consists of abstract studies, on canvas. The chaotic order of the brushstrokes seem to translate the inner personality and the struggles of the subject. The arrangement of the portraits are reminiscent of classical paintings, buried under modern abstraction that suggests the inner turmoil of the subjects.Melsen has a very distinctive style and uses strong colour contrasts. His art is often thought provoking, dramatic and powerful.

“Everyone on these portraits seem to struggle with something. To me, it feels like they are all living in darkness. I love dramatic paintings, but it’s not that I am an unhappy person at all. It’s just that I find darkness in art very interesting. I like to use dark colors and big brushes to create strong, bold lines; their effect is quite impressive” (ArtConnect Berlin, 2015)

Melsen has an unusual way of painting faces. They are almost unrecognizable and dark, but with such energy. Melsen loves painting portraits; capturing a person’s spirit. Like Francis Bacon, Melsen never paints from a pose. He prefers using photographs and almost all of his portraits are men.

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